Amazing story of Electro Rock Opera start in Ukraine...

   The plot for the project is based on the old myth of love "Orpheus and Eurydice".
According to the author's plan, the plot was changed, and the name "Orpheus and Eurydice forever" also changed.
    By this change, the author decided to highlight the struggle of love against obstacles, to convey to the hearts with the help of music the whole power of love between a man and a woman. The work clearly emphasizes spiritual and family values, because in the story the characters were a married couple.
   Bright musical drawings, beautifully chosen voices and successful images in general, contribute to the viewer with enthusiasm and interest watching the unsurpassed work of the young, talented author and composer Mikhail Brunsky.
   From the stage, the viewer will see a wonderful staging of the stories, the professional work of the artists, the orchestra, the choir and the DJ. It will feel all the strength of the music and unsurpassed voices of young Ukrainian performers. And all this is exquisitely combined on the same stage.
   With this musical work we want to tell the whole world that in our country people can create a musical product that will adequately represent Ukraine in the world musical arena. The work, filigree and multifaceted, emphasizes the subtlety, sensitivity and extraordinary completeness of the Ukrainian soul, after all, this wonderful music was created by the Ukrainian.

What do You See

The project consists of two acts with intermission, 21 pieces of music. Duration of the show is 1 hour 50 minutes.

On the stage, LED screen or projection with author's content throughout the show.

Thematic props and scenery.

Musical numbers: all songs are performed in English by the unique voices of Tenor-Alto, Bas-Profundo, Mezzo-Soprano, Soprano, Alto and dramatic Alto.


Team / project team:
• Symphony Orchestra - 32 people 
• Academic choir - 32 people 

• DJ - 1 person
• Soloists - 9 people: Narrator, Orpheus, Eurydice, Lord of Dark, fatal Fortune and happy Fortune, Angel, Cupid, Voice of Conscience Lord of Dark.
• Ballet-animation - 4 people-Lord of Dark minions


record from the National Register of Records of Ukraine

For the creation of the first in Ukraine electro-rock opera

               record from the National Register of Records of Ukraine

For  the application of the greatest number of musical instruments

Premieres with absolute success

National Theater of Opera and Ballet, Kiev - May 19, 2016
National Theater of Opera and Ballet, Lviv - May 30, 2016
Concert Hall "Freedom", Kiev - May 15, 2017
National Theater of Opera and Ballet, Odessa - August 7, 2017
Concert Hall "Freedom", Kiev - November 9, 2017

National Theater of Opera and Ballet, Odessa - August 7, 2018

National Palace Ukraine, Kiev - October 21, 2018

National Theater of Opera and Ballet, Kiev - December 19,  2018

Opera Dubai, Dubai - March 14, 2019

Opera Dubai, Dubai - March 15, 2019