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Electro Rock Opera "Orpheus and Eurydice Forever"
The first project in the World, which combined electronic music, rock direction and opera
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"Orpheus and Eurydice forever" Presented a show at the Dubai Opera!

Congratulations to the team with a great success on the stage of the Dubai Opera! We are touched by the warm welcome, applause and warm feedback! Opera of the Future - this is how the audience in Dubai perceived our show! See the video report for details. 

19 December 2018 performance at the National Opera of Ukraine - A standing ovation from the audience!

 Thank guests of the show, for the warm welcome and heartfelt ovations Opera team! The project team is happy to hear a lot of positive feedback about our opera in the press and on social networks! This says that our show excites the hearts of the modern viewer! To be continued! 

Congratulations to the team!

With a successful performance on the main stage of the country - National Palace of Arts "Ukraine"! We also thank the audience for the warm atmosphere in the hall and the feedback!In the near future, we will announce the schedule of further concerts! We are looking forward to seeing you at an unforgettable show!

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Elena Brunskaya

Producer/project coordinator

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